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Saugroboter - der smarte Haushaltshelfer

VIOMI V3 Saugroboter 2000Pa Starke Saugkraft Staubsauger Robote Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Robot 4900mAh Lithum-on Battery LDS Navigation

299,99 €

inkl. gesetzl. MwSt. + ggf. VersandZuletzt aktualisiert am: 14. Juli 2024 2:30


  • ❤️ 2 in 1 Sweeping & Mopping: The VIOMI V3 smart robot vacuum cleaner combines the advantages of scientific sweeping and healthy mopping. It scans the whole room with LDS lidar, and can draw an accurate and complete map, with AI dynamic path algorithm to achieve an efficient cleaning mode.
  • ❤️ Upgraded 2600Pa Strong Suction: The vacuum cleaner adopts Japan-made Nidec brushless motor with powerful performance, which can collect ground dust, hair, rice, soybeans, steel balls and other large particles. Thoroughly clean the room without any dead spots. The air blower is upgraded, the rotating speed up to 18000r/min (±10%) to improve cleaning efficiency.
  • ❤️ Advanced AI Technology: AI intelligently judges the environment, calculates the optimal path, shortens cleaning time, and increases cleaning efficiency by 30%. The AI intelligent Y-type mopping and integrates AI smart algorithms, which can simulate manual cleaning and two-way cleaning with higher cleaning coverage. Achieve smart cleaning!
  • ❤️ Large Dust Box & Water Tank: With 550ml large dust box and 550ml water tank, V3 vacuum cleaner can quickly collect dirts, hair, debris, etc. on the ground. Three levels of smart water control system offers more accurate water control, way goodbye to water leakage.
  • ❤️ Larger Battery Capacity: The robot cleaner is quipped with lithum-on 4900mAh powerful battery, which makes it possible for sweeping up to 140-170 minutes, and cleaning a larger area (about 250㎡ ) of the house in one go. Get it full charged about 300-360min. There are 3 working Modes- Sweeping, moping, sweeping& moping.

299,99 €

inkl. gesetzl. MwSt. + ggf. VersandZuletzt aktualisiert am: 14. Juli 2024 2:30